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O zintegrowanym systemie informatycznym SAP, służącym do zarządzania firmą Poznawanym krok po kroku od strony modułów logistycznych. Na studiach i samemu. O tym, że SAP może być tez pasją. I o tym, że SAP nie zawsze musi oznaczać STRESS AND PANIC



Bill of Material (BOM) have to be create in SAP with transaction CS01 ( CS02- change, CS03- display). SAP menu path for CS01 transaction is Logistics → Production → Master Data → Bills of Material→ Bill of Material→ Material BOM→ Create. On the appropriate screen of the CS01 transaction it is necessary to input data such as material name for which we want to create BOM, plant name in which we want to create BOM for material an BOM usage. Often, same as in the below example, it is production usage. It is important to mention that BOM can be create in CS01 manually ( data input such as BOM items, quantity and units of measure for each BOM position on the main screen of the transaction), or by copying BOM from other similar material. To do it, it is necessary to choose "copy from" button on the initial screen  of the transaction CS01.


After choose "copy from" button, on the initial screen of CS01 transaction, will appear additional small screen where it is necessary to input data such as material name from which we want to copy BOM.


After confirmation ( ENTER), we reach to the next screen where we can see every item include in BOM. It is worth to mention here that material for which we want to create BOM, and every BOM component, must have material master data created before. On the  screen we need to mark every item line and choose "copy" button.


After choose "copy" button we reach next screen where we will see every BOM component. Now we can save BOM by clicking yellow mark of disk on the top part of the screen.


If we choose on the above screen "hat" icon we reach the screen with header data ( data that are the same for each BOM component) for BOM. There are data such as , for example, plant number and BOM number. One of the most important field at the header data section is Bill of Material status, where we choose status for BOM. In other words we can say that in this field we choose status, which can cause restrictions in BOM usage for some of company departments.


We can also set up new status for BOM at the header level. The possible business situation connected with this can happen for example, when client ask SAP consultant to configure BOM to be use just in three cases. In OS23 transaction (SPRO) we have to choose option "new entry", then we have to input at the appropriate field next number for status, then mark all functional areas that status will be valid for, and in the field "BOM description" we can write few words to describe new status.


After save of new status, and then open header data again (for example in CS02 transaction) and check options in "BOM status" field we will see new status that we have created (below is number 11).




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